Planning a wedding is a very special process because it involves taking the time to customize with your wedding planner every aspect of your wedding such as flower arrangements, church, amount of guest, invitation as well as a great photographer to capture every aspect of all your efforts that was invested to make that days special and what better way then to capture those moments with photos and video.

Here are some tips to help in planning your wedding

Your Guest Count
Taking into account how many people will attend your wedding and not an easy task because you have to figure out in between friends and family who will actually make it to your wedding so in general at best you will end up with an approximate amount of guest that will attend your wedding but as a rule of thumb you can calculate the amount of quest by square feet in your exception to get an idea how large your wedding banquets hall should be.


The math is easy it will require from 20 to 30 square feet of space for guest and this gives you a good starting point and remember your goal is that you and your guest are comfortable and not craped into a small space.

Wedding blackout dates
Do some research as to what date you will have your wedding so that it doesn’t fall on a date that has many events in your city so your wedding doesn’t conflict with any other events going on and your guest are more likely to attend your wedding which is what you want because lets face it for every guest that doesn’t show you paid for their space.

Check with the weather
Check the forecast of a previous year to see if your date falls on a potential date that will have bad weather.

Generally the weather are fairly consistent throughout the years within a certain rage of date so for example if your wedding falls on the 4th of July generally this has been a date that in the past 50% of the time it will rain and also your guest instead of being at your wedding they are out celebrating the 4th of July and you’ll end up with an empty wedding

Feed off vendors recommendations
Gathering sources from vendors is a sure way to gain great results because for example a photographer may know a good wedding planner or a flower shop that they have worked with before that offers a great service and this gives you some assurance that those recommendations came from someone that knows the other wedding vendor.


Slim down your list
A good way to save money is to gather a list of quest that is more calculated so that it reduces your expenses when determining how many people will attend your wedding and it’s always good practice to start with family members that will attend and work your way to those you really consider friends.

A menu that save you
Another expense that can easily save you money is that when you feed your vendors you choose a meal plan that is different then the one being served to your guest and of course you will have to sync with your cater in regard to this so for example if you have 30 people that are considered vendors and you are feeding your guest a seafood lobster meal it is not required of you to feed your vendors a lobster meal so you can choose something that is cheaper such as a chicken and rice instead.


Check your budget
it’s always good practice to leave in your wallet an extra amount of money for unforeseen expenses and a good formula is that you have 30% extra for your wedding so that you leave enough room for any extra expenses at the last minute.


Ask as needed
Never be afraid to ask questions so that you understand from all your vendors what you are actually getting and demand that you get it all in writing and it’s also very important that each vendor carry insurance for their services so that you’re not held responsible for any unforeseen accidents that can happen.

For example, let’s say your photographer has a very expensive video camera and one of your guest trips over while they are having a good time the photographer as well as their assistant should all be covered under their general insurance plan.

The same works the other way around…If your photographer causes the chandelier in the reception to fall and break into a thousand pieces it’s important that you are not responsible because the photographer can claim on his insurance and then pay for those damages.

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