Wedding places is always a challenge because when choosing a wedding venue there are many things to consider such as the size of your weeding and how many people will attend, and all these factors can determine where your wedding will be which can drive any couple to the edge.

Before you decide on anything you have to think of a wedding as a whole and how you break things up in the big picture to render the most out of your budget which can always be a challenge because there is always the question on how I will be able to afford everything but luckily, we can make some suggestions that will simplify what to consider and whats most important.

Most couple will think that a big wedding will satisfy their ambitions and ultimately make them happy but that is simply not true.

Think of it this way, what will you remember the most about your wedding and what will you keep from your big wedding day.

The answer is anything that you can revert too in regard to that day such as a good amount of images and a great wedding video and defiantly a great honey moon and while you can’t take your photographer with you on your honey moon you can take your own pictures of some great dinners and a great sunset while walking on the beach holding hands and embracing what a great adventure you will embark on with your new ever lasting relationship.

So with all that said start with a budget that is reasonable and has flexibility,  give or take 20% of what your estimated budget would be so if your budget is 5000.00 think along the line of somewhere around 4000.00 to 4500.00 will be a good starting point.


The reason this is a fair assessment of what your budget will be is because this gives you room for any unforeseen expenses such as tips or some extra flowers that you may want or on reception some extra tables you may need for guess that you just thought of that you just must invite.

Once you have determines your budget you can think about how this will come together as a whole so for example if you hire a photographer to take pictures and video and his fee is 1500.00 as an example you may ask yourself how will this photographer allow you to pay for his services and how those photography services will be paid by the time your ready,  so if you pay on a per month basis and by the time the wedding day comes he is all paid and ready to take those images and video you will then have extra money for that great honey moon you always wanted.

This form of thinking will also give you a clue as to how much time you will need to pay for those services over time and what will ultimately be your wedding day.

So, for example if you’re thinking that you will have this wedding in 10 months you and your partner can manage to split this cost at 250.00 a month each which will give you the amount you need to cover your wedding in between two people and this can be accomplished easily and help you determine how to manage your budget so that your special day is exactly what you expected.

In most cases some couples will also take this formula and opt to use a credit card for some services but keep in mind that using a credit card for anything that is consumed is like throwing your money away because for example if you use your credit card to pay for your wedding cake once you eat it your left with the bill to pay on your credit card plus your interest rate so we suggest charging things that you will always keep like your wedding dress if you choose to buy it but now days couples mostly rent them or your photographers services which is something worthy because you’ll always have those memories to look at long after your wedding.

With all that said we wish all the couples that are reading the article the best of luck making good choices that will render the most from their wedding experience.

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